Dinosaur themed entertainment for rip-roaring children’s birthday parties

Here at WOW Party Productions we know how to put on a fantastic kid’s party. In fact we reckon we provide the best dinosaur themed birthday parties in the UK!

We offer an entertaining and engaging theme for your child’s special day, making it into a fun, educational and, most importantly, enjoyable occasion that will be talked about for months afterwards.

What’s more, we guarantee to keep all the children engaged and entertained during the party by bringing the wonderful world of dinosaurs and fossils to life.

dinosaur party montage

How our dinosaur parties work

Our party planner will work with you to create your child’s ‘Dinosaur Party’ just the way you want it to be. On the big day, we’ll arrive at your venue in good time to set up and run your child’s Dinosaur party so you can relax and enjoy it as much as the children.

With our vast collection of life size and prehistoric artefacts – and a special appearance from our very own Dinoman or Dinogirl – your child’s party will be a special and unforgettable birthday experience that will have everyone talking for weeks and months afterwards!


Most of our customers leave the planning of their child’s Dinosaur Party to us, because our years of experience means we know what works and which elements are most popular.

We tailor the whole experience to your chosen age group, and can include any of the following:

Once all the guests have arrived, we sit everyone down in front of the dinosaur and fossil display for a short talk on the exciting world of dinosaurs and fossils. The kids have an opportunity to handle some real and fossilised dinosaur bones. This is great chance to learn some interesting and little known facts.

Great fun casting exact replicas of fossils using highly detailed rubber moulds which children can take home as a party gift!

Our exciting range of dinosaur themed games includes dinosaur race games between two teams using kiddies’ space hoppers, dinosaur stilt feet and the dinosaur egg race game.  As a popular option, we can also include a pass the parcel game with the prize of a real dinosaur artefact which is everyone’s favourite party game (extra cost).

Our most popular craft is to create dinosaurs using colourful feathers. This is just one of many arts and craft activities we offer.

The birthday boy or girl can have their photo taken alongside our very own Triceratops while everyone gathers around for a group photo!

We demonstrate how a meteorite hit the Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Our “meteorite” is a cobblestone which lands with a thud in a bowl full of flour, a process in which we end up covered in flour and mess which the children find hilarious! (This will be carried out on top of a large protective sheet so there is no mess at the venue.)

Suitable party venues

Most people like to choose the venue for their child’s dinosaur party. Usually this is a local community centre, village hall or church hall.

Whichever venue you go for, you’ll need plenty of space for all the dancing and games!