Princess Parties

Princess for a day – the most delightful princess parties in the land!

When you choose WOW Party Productions for your child’s princess party, there’s only one star of the show: the birthday princess herself!

Choose from a range of Disney inspired princess themes.

And we bring all the scenery, props and other vital princess party ingredients to your chosen venue.

Be the perfect princess!
Sprinkle some magic!

How our princess parties work

When you book your princess-themed party with WOW Party Productions, our party planner will liaise with you to find out exactly what your special princess would like.

Your party planner will go through the activities we can offer, match these with your child’s age group and requirements and discuss the timings for setting up and running of the party.

Most important of all, when the party day arrives, we’ll do everything possible to make sure that your child’s special birthday party is enjoyable and unforgettable for the children – and stress-free for the parents!

Magical princess parties where your child is the star!

Our princess parties usually run for 1.5 hours (with 1.5 hours either side of the party for setting up and dismantling our displays), depending which bespoke party package you choose.

From the start, our party host will be at your chosen venue to create the magical princess kingdom using our extensive range of props and scenery.

On arrival, guests will be greeted by our Fairy Queen and immersed into the Magical Princess Kingdom.

And of course, special princess treatment is reserved for the central character – your child on their special day!

Be the star of the show!
Take a look at our princess parties FAQs

In character from the off, our party host will get everyone engaged in the fun; organising princess themed activities and games, with a surprise appearance by the Wicked Witch!

All of our packages will include the following items as standard:

  • Princess hoppers

  • Music

  • Tiara art

  • Etiquette training

  • Posture games

  • The Wicked Witch

  • Dancing

  • Ribbon play

  • The Cinderella Ball including dressing up ready for the ball to begin!

  • Unique 7m x 2m princess castle scenery

  • Princess throne

  • Princess podium

  • Princess scenery decorations

  • Amazing 7m x 2m Frozen castle scenery

  • Life size Frozen reindeer

  • Unique hand painted sleigh

  • Frozen princess throne

  • Princess podium

  • Frozen princess scenery decorations

  • Princess castle scenery

  • Frozen castle scenery

  • Secret twinkle garden

  • Ballroom flooring

  • Princess and Frozen thrones

  • Princess podium

  • Princess/Frozen scenery & decorations OR Princess/Sabre tooth beast scenery & decorations

  • Snow machine finale